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Site Repairs and Maintenance Services in New York and New Jersey

G. Fiore Concrete & Construction Inc. specializes in concrete and asphalt repair services. When you are looking to upgrade and maintain your parking lot, your sidewalks, office building and campus, or community spaces, look to G. Fiore Concrete & Construction Inc. to provide you the best concrete and asphalt services in the area.

If your parking lot or sidewalk is experiencing cracks, breakage, spawling, or is sinking, we can efficiently repair and restore your concrete structure with our top of the line tools and professional expertise. You can rely on us for everything from foundation repairs to full-site renovations. The professional experts at G. Fiore Concrete & Construction Inc. offers the best concrete materials and service to ensure that your commercial or industrial concrete project will last longer than the competition.


If you need to upgrade your property or building with the new ADA Requirements for ramp entries, slopes, and warning mats, we can assist you with the knowledge of the current codes and regulations.

Want to waterproof your basement or get rid of dampness, water, and mold this creates? Basement waterproofing is provided with warranty. We also provide a full line of waterproofing products for foundations, vaults, and/or underground structures.

Extensions, Renovations, and Building Repairs

Our Services For Renovations, Extensions, and Building Repairs

  • Helical Piling
  • Excavation
  • Footing and Foundation
  • Parking Lot Maintenance And Repairs
  • Playground Maintenance And Repairs
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Common Area Repair
  • Sport Court Repair
  • Helical Piling

Licensed and insured, we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. We will pay attention to the finer details needed to ensure that your project proceeds smoothly.

We will work with you throughout every phase of the project, from the drafting of the design to the completion of the construction. We also offer rubbish removal services for when the job is completed.

G. Fiore Concrete & Construction Inc. has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. Contact us today to set up a free commercial concrete project estimate.

We will take care of all your needs from the demolition to the concrete foundation.

No job is too small or too large for us to handle, contact us today!

Rubbish Removal Available

When preparing and finishing up a work site, debris tends to pile up due to the renovations, thankfully, our company can help clean up the mess that tends to occur. We offer 10, 15, 20, or 30-cubic-yard containers to remove demolition debris from your construction site. We offer pickup and delivery services as well as obtain the necessary permits. If requested, we can also provide labor to load the container.