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Foundation and Slab Work Services in New York and New Jersey

Foundations That Will Last

When planning a new development building or project, G. Fiore Concrete & Construction Inc. will provide the foundation on which your building will stand. A building is as good as it’s foundation. We will provide foundations and slab work per plan and finish to specifications.

G. Fiore Concrete & Construction Inc. is a full-service foundation contractor that will handle all of your footing, foundation and slab work needs. We will complete the foundation per architectural plans specifications. We handle it all. Our services include footing and foundations, walls, rebar reinforcments, grade beams, piles, and pile caps, we have you covered.

We perform helical piles and can get your wood and steel piles installed by a reputable and experienced pile contractor if needed.

Let our expert concrete labor provide the foundation services to help you build your project from the ground up. Our concrete services are solid, and you can rely on us to provide a foundation that will be inspected and approved by testing labs, inspectors and the Department of Buildings.

We Provide Slab Work

G. Fiore Concrete & Construction, Inc. will prepare and pour all types of slabs. Including slab on deck, structural slabs, slab on grade, and basement slabs. We can provide power trowel finishes with FF floor ratings and decorative sealed and epoxy slab work.

When you want to install new concrete outside your office building, commercials building, basketball courts, parking lots, tennis courts, or pool decks, we offer top quality site concrete that will get the job done right. By installing decorative custom concrete you can improve both the beauty and convenience of your office, park, or industrial building.

We will install and maintain durable and reliable concrete that will best fit your commercial and industrial needs. We take pride in ensuring the longevity of our concrete slabs, and we will do it properly to avoid future problems and maintenance with our reliable concrete expertise.

We Provide Slab Work

  • Footings
  • Foundation
  • Property Line Foundations
  • Grade Beams
  • One Face Walls
  • Foundation Walls
  • Metal Reinforcements
  • Pile Caps
  • Mat Slabs
  • Spread Footings
  • Supported Slab Work
  • Reinforced Foundations
  • Reinforced Structural Slabs
  • Slab On Grade
  • Slab On Deck
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Rebar